Adam Calhoun - Starter Cap Lyrics

I started back when you actually had to rap
Starter hats backpacks pen and pad
Start shit rap beef put on wax
Only white boys in a neighborhood that’s black
We had to go there to show we had skill
But we ain’t from here so I hope we don’t get killed
This ain’t Eight Mile, we were really in the field
And if you ain’t Eminem then you ain’t get a deal
Cash rules everything around me, facts
But now it’s percocets and gay ass face tats
Get your chain snatched missiles aimed at you made back
They ain’t bad for some white boys that came across the train tracks
They say I’m country rap, shit I’ll take that
Change that, make it so country rap ain’t whack
Face smacked, eight oh eight slap
Fuckin with my ape ass
AR banana clip kill your damn face back

White rapper, this cracker might slap ya, wife snatcher
This is real life Dog, but I know you like actin
White trashin fight scrappin never know what might happen
I can’t fuck wit you little boys, Mike Jackson
Pick and roll, pick a flow, this year gonna be different though
I’m Michael Jordan, you just Scottie Pippen hoe
Give and go, listen bro, this shit should be dipped in gold
Like the rings on my hand and my sales digital
I started back with this rap had to explain myself
Faggot ass rappers, y’all should all hang yourslelf
I grew up bangin L
I ain’t talking about Cool J
That shits fo gays too gay
But that’s how you all rap today
Kill you like Husein
Tried to not let me in the game, too late
Hold up, let me change this shit
At least get your bars up to par before you start acting hard on the gangsta shit
Sell your booty for some views and some likes
But you can’t do nothing to me when you on the mic
Oh you want a fight
At least drop a couple pounds
Spar a couple rounds before you lose your life
This cracker cold, cracked the code
Ameracal that went gold
Dropped the throne then came war
Now Billy Goat is at your throat
So here we go back on tour
This one going around the globe
I just say it how I live it
And that’s how the story goes

Alright what I say, I said uh
Off the last album, I said um
I rap about my country so they label me country
You faggots disrespect the flag, I’ll smack you for my country
If that ain’t country, I don’t want to be
In this industry with a bunch of wannabes, that ain’t me
This is the Billy Goat
Motherfuckers need to learn how to rap again

Starter Cap Lyrics
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