Armored Saint - My Jurisdiction Lyrics

Incorrectly called Superman
Skin tight suit with too soft hands
Problems averted
It’s perverted

Need this now
Need it like we need another hole in the head
Every time it speaks always brings us dread
I’m shutting all systems off
With a scoff

Fact or friction
It’s still out of my jurisdiction

Lock the menace up throw away the key
He loves her but she loves me
Cheeks are turning rosy red

Sinking now
Through the vortex of insanity
Like Paul said just let it be
This court of law is in contempt with excrement

Fact or friction
It’s all out of my jurisdiction

Ill at ease
Pretty please
Give the big brush off
Listen up
Vamanos ready or not

My jurisdiction
My kind of friction

Fact or friction
It’s just out of my jurisdiction, no

My Jurisdiction Lyrics
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