Bad Books Lyrics

feat. Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra

Nothing feels the same since you got home
Someone swapped the pictures on our wall

Photos of evaporated men
Torn up bodies thrown across the sand

There’s nothing worse than losing your arm

She’s been really great since I got back
I’m afraid she knows I’m off the map

She’s been trying talk inside my mouth
I’ve been trying calm my conscious down

There’s nothing worse than losing your spine

When I dream I see your dad holding your throat
His face up to your ear he screaming «I’ve been shot»

Bank on a your life, evolved by your command
You’ll find the painful prize of watching it unhinge

You, you took it harder than our friends
I’m afraid you’re spiraling again

Ran into your family at the go
Looked like they’d been living with a ghost

There’s nothing worse than poverty line

I can hardly look at her that way
Naked bodies haven’t looked the same

I can’t tell her why she’s gotta stop
Too ashamed to open that one knot

There’s worse than being intertwined

You’ve been dreaming I’m the dad you never had
Haven’t out of body visions of my death

Bank on a catered life, that bends for your demands

Expect the painful prize of watching it unhinge

I remember back when we were kids
Life without a paralyzing

Now we get together in a glass
Hardly speak to watch the silence pass

There’s nothing worse than silent alarm

We were trying awkwardly to sleep
Detailed out your plan on my my machine

They still astounded in the dark
Shocked that it had finally fallen apart

There’s nothing worse than losing your mind

I’ve been dreaming of this unrelenting love
Depreciated gasping towards a new unknown

It was a trusted ride before the water froze
I found the painful prize is rowing it alone

Drove out to the desert in your van
Drank some gasoline and made love to your hand

Cursed your God below for what he’d done
Before you sucked a gun from your father’s gun

There’s nothing worse than losing your life

At your funeral she took my hand
Placed it on the baby in your lap

I’ve been trying my best to find my peace
They both look like criminals to me

There’s nothing worse than trusting a lie

When I dream I see your body inside hers
When I wake I see your face call it off

The less you care for it the less it has to grow
I can’t abandon it and watch it turn to smoke

Recently I’m working on myself
Starting to convince myself it helps

There’s nothing wrong with being alive

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Album "III (with Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra)" (2019)

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