Bad Books Lyrics

"Lake House"
feat. Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra

All the lake houses were moving
They were spinning around in the lake
They were shark-infested waters
They were dangerous places to play
You approached me like a brother
Told me «all that you see isn’t true»
A shark pops out of the water
A crucifix carved in his tooth
There was one song left, repeated
As I drifted off, grazing your leg
It was tough to tell your motive
You were stuck between no and a yes
When I woke, I saw your anchor
Pierce through the top of my spine
That I pushed too far to recover
As I’m living on borrowing time
When you showed up you were glowing
Taking my last breath away
On the arm of some opponent
Gushing at each word he says
When I asked to speak about it
You made it real easy for me
Just because we have a baby
Doesn’t mean that you belong to me
Oh, and if I ever lose you
If that horrible day ever comes
I don’t know how I’d recover
I don’t know what race I’d run
But I know that I’d love you
The day that we swore on that ring
The day that we swore on that ring

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Album "III (with Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra)" (2019)

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