Baroness Lyrics


Falling like a hammer
On a solitary arc
It struck a nail
Now we’ll never be apart
Just a shadow on the wall

And I curse the ground beneath my feet
Curse the boiling sea
Curse the stars above my head
Staring back at me

Damn the whip that cracked and split
Damn the hand behind it

Wait for me
By my gallows pole
Hang around
I won’t be long

Get me out alive
When it rains
I am right where I belong

I’m sorry but the voice
Inside my head, won’t let me go
I know you won’t forgive me
For the things you’ll never know
Come back to me sweet Armageddon
Hurry up and find me

Wait for me
By the iron rail
Hold on

Get me out of line
When it rains
I am right where I belong

Across the borderline
The architect stunned by his design
I never fell so hard
You’ll be the axe… I’m your hesitation marks

Gets me out alive
When it rains
Boy, it really rains

     B     Baroness Lyrics

Album "Gold & Grey" (2019)

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