Bill Callahan Lyrics

"The Ballad of the Hulk"

Well, I’ve been looking back
At the old ways
Over my shoulders
Like salt or sugar
Well, I’m just talking about the old days
Groundwork for footwork
Well, after this next song we’ll be moving along
Out of this vein
It’s called «The Ballad of the Hulk»

You know I used to share a tailor
With David Bruce Banner
That’s the Hulk
Traveling jackets and traveling bags
Future rags
And shoes good for walking highways
But never quite far enough away
To see how good and easy it could be
If I just got angry
But I never got angry
Maybe I should have
I could have cleared some things away
In those old Bill Bixby days
A master of reiki
Waved his hands over me
And said I eat too much steak
And hold on too long to ancient aches
And both are so hard
On my heart
Oh, I try to be a good person
I wonder if it’s annoying
Or worth pursuing
And pursuing
And pursuing
Down highways
At the risk of the road

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Album "Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest" (2019)

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