Cal Scruby - Not That Deep Lyrics

They take everything way too serious
Not that it matters
I got the recipe, cook it up

Here comes the cure straight to the vain
Like a vaccination, I’m lackin’ patience
I’m more like Morpheus, hacked the Matrix
Red pill, four-minute activation
This might hurt just a little bit
Just a little pinch, that’s all
Makin’ sure you not dreamin’
You got a lot of nerve sayin’ this what I deserve
What you actin’ like you don’t got demons?
I inhale, so I don’t stop breathin’
Try and stay afloat where the boat stop leakin’
My shit like when the liquors all free and
Yo’ shit like when the chicken not seasoned
You not hot boy, I know you bought bots
Chop-chop make it to the top spot
Just to post a pic in a rented drop-top
While I smoke a double Dutch and I sip a Hopscotch
Oof, that’s neat
My life’s been a mess since last week
Sometimes my heart too heavy and I think I’ma sink
When it’s just not that deep
No it’s not that deep

If it’s not six feet, it’s not that deep
If it’s not six feet, it’s not that deep

You lucky as fuck it’s all random
Young Jon Hamm, mad man show, handsome
Coulda did the bad boy act, throw tantrums
Little kids nap, big bag, no ransom
What a coincidence, what are the chances?
You too insignificant, you won’t understand this
I tap it down the rabbit hole, then went on this tangent
Radical thoughts to endin’ mental expansion
Big Bang boom, make room for the young man
I’m Duke Nukem with bazookas and a gun ban
Smokin’ like a hookah when it’s done
I pass like Nash with the sons or Luka on the run
I’m Mark Cuban, part Shark, part human
Tried hard, but could not harpoon him
AR’s drawn like cops cartoonin’
What you gonna do when they all sharp shootin’?
Fuck it, start lootin’
Protest like smart students
Stop talkin’ and start doin’
Put your heart into it
Y’all not that deep

If it’s not six feet it’s not that deep
If it’s not six feet it’s not that deep

Not That Deep Lyrics
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