Dee Tree Lyrics

"Bring Me Down"

Babe, I don’t wanna hear what you’re saying
With all them nasty words
Ears go deaf
Eyes blind
Trembling as you curse

The house is dilapidated-old
Ascending squeaky steps
Is it even possible to maintain it
When you’re abscent?

Can I enter water twice
Or we’ve reached the bank?
Are you building a bridge with them stones
Or hanging them on my
Thank you for all the good
For the times you made me proud
Now why every time i set off
You bring me down?

I woke up with sun
Put on a crown
Few hours later you bring me down

So I am singing jazz standards to merely come round

The Ice-breaking process
Turned into a fire bombing
The non-participating states
Released a protest note
What about the UN? I’m asking
What about my soul?
How about the fact
That I’ve been dead
For forty days in a row?
Emergency number is to be sealed into my phone
I will call it I promise
When my mind is completely gone
Woke up with sun today
Put on my shiny crown
I have some time
Before you bring me down

Don’t come to my fields of gold
If you wanna mow down the wheat and turn it
Into the goddamn
Heavily vanity-contaminated megapolis
Traffic — blood vessels, delivering poison
Last time I came to you under the rule of the spell
Which almost gave my body in to wolfheads
But my bullets attacked the wolves and they ran away
What a fight that was, I’ll tell you one day
So here i am, standing and screaming into the speakers
Distressing up the ears of my beautiful people
Why have we been mute for so long?
Injustice will soon be gone
Don’t you hear the gong?
N’ we are heading to the palace in a wedge
Beak aimed straight ahead sharp like knife edge
It’s time to turn the establishment upside down
No more tolls on town, nobody to put on guard
And I’m storming through the hall and the silence is haunted
And the guardians are nowhere to see
That is because the soldiers were made of cardboard and sticks
And they don’t see me, stepping onto balcony bricks
And below I see the glee of my lovely people
Looking at me, rejoicing the newbeing
Yet so much to defeat in me
But I will be
And since now I watch the new era come

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Album "All Is 111" (2019)

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