DJ Khaled - Thank You Lyrics

feat. Big Sean

I gotta give thanks, you know
I never really met nobody who was truly successful
That wasn’t thankful, for the good and the bad
It made me who I am, straight up

Look (DJ Khaled)
When it get this dark, you gotta feel your way out
They try to bury me alive, I Kill Bill my way out
Lettin’ go of grudges that I used to feel a way about
‘Cause some emotions are too taxin’ to keep payin’ out
Life is what you make it, I know I make it for sure
Then make it some more, I know critics hated galore
It doesn’t phase me no more
I know some people’s only taste of success
Is the bite that they take out of yours
My GG told me God laugh at you when you make plans
The type of wisdom that made us men
Plus tryna thank everybody who helped us along the way
Is like tryna name every single member of the Wu-Tang Clan
Yeah I might skip one or two
But that doesn’t mean that they wasn’t just as
Part of the plan, some love goes without sayin’
Who woulda thought that DJ that was on 6 to 10
Right there on 99 Jamz, screamin’, «We The Best!»
Woulda had all the execs eatin right outta his hands
And showed us all the keys to success from doors bein’ slammed

Look, I gotta thank Khaled
Who back in 2010
Convinced Yay, Sean should drop my last shit
It’s a smash hit, add Chris to it and it’s a classic
That’s that rare shit, yeah loyalty everlasting
Look, all I know forever stuck to the code
Only one I changed was 48221 and 90210
Fast-forward later this nigga Khaled my neighbour
The type of stories that you can’t make up
The universe doesn’t just work it out man, it works in our favour
What’s heaven on Earth? Gettin’ everything that you prayed for?
Shit, believe it to achieve it or you never will
On the phone with Colin Kaepernick, he like
«They they not gon’ make it easy for us in this game and they never will»
I’m like, «That’s not just the NFL bro, that’s every field»

Look, no restraints bitch, only strength
That’s my wave length, surprised I ain’t go insane
Heard more gunshots outside than the doorbell ringin’
Swam with sharks that’s too big to fill up tanks
And I’m right here right now, how could I not give thanks?
Feel my pain, I paint these pics, I spill this paint
I miss my dogs, I spill this drink
I pray that all yo’ growin’ pains turn ghost champagne
Plus I gotta thank my exes on some «thank u, next» shit
And all the old times that gave me new perspectives
Speakin’ of new, I’m about to ink a new deal
Don Life Records
And put anyone on in the city who needs connections

This that Fortune 500, my shit never plummet
I just a mansion, and moved in the dungeon
Don’t none of y’all want it
So all y’all fuck boys that want us to fuck up
Just know I made fire in a place that not one of them from
But my vision is tunnel Sean Don

And I just gotta give thanks
‘Cause it’s that time
You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout
That grind time
You been grindin’ yo’ whole life
It’s that time where that preparation meets that opportunity
And you gotta be ready
And give thanks

Thank You Lyrics
Album "Father Of Asahd" (2019)

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