Famous Dex - Like Me Lyrics

High, high like me
Dexter (Dylvinci got the code)

And we can get higher, get high like me
And we can get fly, get fly like me
Fly, yeah, I’m high
Pop me a Perc’ now I’m high, ooh
I got a bitch and she bi, bi
I wanna lick her body
She looking real fine
Her hair real fine
Get high like me
And we can do whatever you want
High like me, huh
And you ain’t gotta call my phone
Fly with me
Huh, with my girl, huh
Yeah, I’ma get her the world, huh
I ain’t fucking with these girls, ’cause
They ain’t with the same shit like me
And I be on weird and crazy, yeah, I’m crazy
Baby, you lay, you so lazy
Huh, you ain’t my baby
Huh, swear to God you so lazy
All this shit, all these drugs drive me crazy
I could pop another Perc’ now I’m lazy
Woah, I’m headed to the store
I need me some more
A pint up, yeah, I pour
I pour a four, hmm
I going out the door
I’m a savage doing hits up out the door
Out the fucking window, ha
Get high like me, huh
That’s my baby girl, she high like me, huh
I took her to my world to fly like me (Dexter)
Ah-ah-yeah, get high like me
And we can go fly, get high like me
Yeah, I’m so high
Swear I can reach the sky
Baby girl, you a lie
You ain’t really gotta lie to me
Huh, and we can do whatever you want, don’t lie to me, huh
I heard you on the phone with your ex-boyfriend
And don’t blame me
When you see me with another lady
I know you hate me
See me on TV
And I’ma go, I’m on TV, huh
And I don’t trust a soul, my heart and me (Dexter)

Like Me Lyrics
Album "Diana" ()

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