Fleshgod Apocalypse - Worship And Forget Lyrics

Witnessing a myriad of worms unleashing hell
They swarm inside the carcass of a world
That once was heaven
Killing, starving, violating uncorrupted flesh
They prosper protected by the blessing of a god of nothing

Worship and forget your sins
Worship and forget your sins again
Tabula rasa

Acquitted by self-fabricated verses they ravage
Expand the boundaries of the land of chaos
In the name of a fraudulent faith
Erecting marble altars to consacrate the shame
And kneel, not penitent at all, tasting redemption

Worship and forget your sins
Worship and forget to start again
You motherfucker!

As words can’t wash your filthy soul
Your dogma can’t hide evil
Gore on the streets of Babylon
Blest by an imaginary god

Sermons, preachments, the word of the lord
Echoes wide in the temples of the scorn
Gathered in sancta sanctorum to adore
Simulacrums of men who fool the world

Ancient teachings deftly distorted
Chipped away the stone where they were carved
Ten commandments covered in blood
As the natural law is the only one

«Illud in his rebus vereor, ne forte rearis
Impia te rationis inire elementa viamque
Indugredi sceleris. Quod contra saepius illa
Religio peperit scelerosa atque impia facta.
Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum»
[- Lucrezio, De Rerum Natura: I, 80-101]

Before the eyes of jesus
Beneath the blood of christ
Below the fork of satan
Above the paradise
Creations of men

Worship And Forget Lyrics
Album "Veleno" (2019)

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