Future Islands - Hit The Coast Lyrics

I can’t feel
I can’t feel for you
I’m just fine, as is
I don’t mind if that’s it
If I can’t feel, I can’t fight for you
It’s not my right
If I can’t fight, I can’t lose for you
So without you

I’ll hit the coast
Hit the coast
Hit the coast
Hit the coast

Pressing play on this old tape was a bad move
Reduced to hiss, some record I loved
Some record I’ve missed, just static, an absence
And I heard you say you didn’t need me
Or any of these things these tapes
And these days they’re frying in my backseat
But I’m flying and free
I’m not crying but I can’t even look to think

Hit the coast
Hit the coast
Hit the coast
Hit the coast

Driving in silence in my car
It’s all that I can take and nothing I could do
I put my whole life in my car
Oh, when you go just take what you can take
And change what you can do
I’ll hit the coast

Hit The Coast Lyrics
Album "As Long As You Are" ()

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