Gabbie Hanna - LOVE Lyrics

just four little letters to describe all of you
from your nose to your toes and your tattered ol’ shoe.
i know what you’re thinking: «that is absurd to put
such big meaning one little word!»
but that’s all it takes! just four tiny symbols to express
how i feel… it’s really that simple!
that’s all i need, just four itty letters-
i promise you no longer word could do better.
write a whole sentence, a paragraph, a novel!
my four-letter word is much more colossal.
it traces your every skin, hair, and blood cell-
just four teensy letters are you in a nutshell!
this puny word is you as a wholе;
it embodies your mind, body, and soul!
it describеs you in such a way, i proclaim
you that you sign these four letters in place of your name.
you’ve probably guessed this word, i bet;
but if you haven’t figured it out just yet,
i’ll spell it out for the whole world to read!
these four little letters are C-U-N-T

LOVE Lyrics
Album "Dandelion: Excerpts" ()

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