Get Dead - Disruption Lyrics

Well his place is barley believable
With a lot of strange cases
A million ways to fall in love
With all of the mistakes
It’s a perfect place to keep up with the pace
To navigate a maze meticulously
Engineered to make a payday
Hey hey
Who are you what’s your deal?
What did you come here to take?
Are you for real are those your friends?
This is a respectable place
To keep it a hundred
We came to plummet
Fuck thе dumb shit
Make ya dance till we view
The contents of your stomach

Papa has got a brand-new bag a powder
Just to keep it raw
Momma keeps a look out for
The whiskey shots and Johnny law
To all my hooligans in this polluted room
My friends the time has finally come to show ‘em
How to run some jewels and dip
Catch a beating, catch some feelings
Catch a case or catch a cold
You cannot catch us
We keep it moving like DiCaprio
Behavior thuggish
Hate it or love it
Underground or above it
Everybody’s gone gonna get dead
Run it

We’ve all come here to
Burn this place to the ground
Fill up another cup
Let’s disrupt the function
If it’s me or you
It’s us vs. them
Lies vs. the truth
Together we disrupt the function

Disruption Lyrics
Album "Dancing with the Curse" ()

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