Half Moon Run - Narrow Margins Lyrics

I can’t live this way
Breaking all my rules again
Choking on my gin
You push ’til I give in
‘Til the loser always wins

Somehow with his beckoning
Bruising with his threads
Confusing what he says
But I won’t live that way
Though I kind of want to anyway
Kind of want to play
With all the pretty and the pure
Well I return to the earth
I return to the dust
No more beauty by the pound
And this I do not trust

‘Cause nothing forgives
Rules and narrow margins
In our lives
It’s rules and narrow margins
But I will slip by

I can’t find the time
I don’t know the future
I couldn’t bring that past back
I waste what little time I have

But I swear I almost touched it
Yet it slipped between my fingers
Sent shivers down my spine
Cut a splinter in my mind

But it wasn’t nothing, again
These rules and narrow margins
But our life
Is rules and narrow margins
But I will slip by

Rules and narrow margins
Rules and narrow margins
But I will slip by

Narrow Margins Lyrics
Album "Sun Leads Me On" ()

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