Indigo Girls - Muster Lyrics

All of the daddies were weathered
All of the mommas were torn
Still the whole village came in their finest to see
What could possibly be born
Out of a house divided, in a world so brutal and maimed
But then we saw the kids and found ourselves saying

We’re gonna make it up to you
Every day of our life
We’re gonna make it up
We’re gonna get this right

Some people held their daddy’s guns
Me, I hung mine on the wall
For every war, we could have won
Without shooting them at all
Is this the best we could muster?
Custer or just prayers for the slain
I wanna get this right and not the same old thing

I wanna make this up to you
Every day of my life
I wanna make this up
I wanna get this right

Born of privilege, born of none
Hunger, disease, it’s all a gun
Clean your plate kid, I want you to understand
The isolation we breed, the hunger in Yemen

It’s your first lock down, you’re so young
But so are the kids under the barrel bombs
It’s the evil we helped let loose, it’s what we’ve become
It’s all a gun, it’s all a gun

I don’t know where we come from, what I know is that we ain’t done
We got the river running, we got the animal cunning
The back of a turtle, the Garden of Eden, the cosmic dust
Why do we keep on gunning?
I got no use for these ramparts, ivory towers or the lines in the sand
I think enough of the time, we want the same thing

We gonna make it up to you
Every day of our lives
We wanna make it up
We wanna get this right

Muster Lyrics
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