JARV IS... - Save the Whale Lyrics

Take your foot off the gas
Because it’s all downhill from here
(Downhill from here)

You are a manifestation of the universe
Your form is unimportant
But please, come over here
(Come over here)

While the world got technologically Infatuated
I was busy gettin’ saturated
I like it, dog
Movie on the yin and yang
For you and me
The male and the female

Move beyond the pale
Tell the truth
Hold my hand
Touch the void
Fight the power
Save the whale
(Save the whale)

Face the people
Face the music
Fight the flab
Keep the faith
And live to tell the tale
(Live to tell the tale)

You think I’m kidding
You have misunderstood
Can’t you see?
I’m up to no good

Save your breath
Save your soul
Embrace the darkness
And all that it entails

Move beyond the pale
I’ve seen people
Doggin’ the walls
With semen and blood

I swear to God
I’m not making
Any of this up

Wrinkly world
(Wrinkly world)
Smooth world
(Smooth world)
Wrinkly world
(Wrinkly world)
Smooth world
(Smooth world)
Wrinkly world
(Wrinkly world)
Smooth world
(Smooth world)
Smooth world
(Smooth world)
Smooth world

Me and you
We’ve gone and founded a new

Now how much are we
Gonna charge people
For admission
(Free admission)

I ain’t askin’ what’s in it for me
Just followin’ a biological necessity
Burn your bridges
Burn your fingers
Freeze in heaven
Burn in hell
Or blaze the trail

You gotta move
Come on and move
You move beyond the pale

Save the Whale Lyrics
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