Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Only Children Lyrics

Walking around at night
Fighting my appetite
Every kid in cutoffs could be you
Remember when we used to meet?
At the bottom of Mobile Street
And do what the broken people do

Are you still taking notes?
The Holy Ghost could get inside you
You’d do whatever you put your mind to
Will you read me what you wrote?
When we were locked outside the building
Over encouraged, only children

Cold coffee on the fire escape
We bet it all on a demo tape
And we still had something left to steal
Remember when we took too much?
To get a little of the human touch
Hand to mouth and reel to reel

Are you still taking notes?
Hydrocodone in your backpack
Maybe these words will hold the beast back
Will you read me what you wrote?
The one I said you stole from Dylan
Over encouraged, only children

«Heaven’s wasted on the dead»
That’s what your mama said
When the hearse was idling in the parking lot
She said you thought the world of me
And you were glad to see
They finally let me be an astronaut

Are you still taking notes?
Will you have anyone to talk to?
Castle walls that you could walk through
And do the dead believe in ghosts?
Or are you lost in some old building
With over encouraged, only children

Only Children Lyrics
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