Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Overseas Lyrics

This used to be a ghost town
But even the ghosts got out
And the sound of the highway died
There’s ashes in the swimming pool

I saw you on your wedding night
And I watched you sleeping in my arms
You didn’t wash your make-up off
And you woke up looking scared as hell

My love won’t change
My love won’t change
My love won’t change a thing
You’re never coming back to me
You’re never coming back at all

And the waiter made a young girl cry
At the table next to mine tonight
And I know you would have brought him to his knees
But you’re overseas

Doesn’t seem so long ago
We thought that we could change their minds
We’d stay here and fight it out
It was a love that we could weaponize

But I saw you losing faith
And I was watching when the light went out
You know what revolution means
And you know it’s not an option now

And our love won’t change
Our love won’t change
Our love won’t change a thing
I couldn’t leave my father here
To finish up his life alone

And I saw you in our daughter’s eyes last night
When she caught me in a lie
And I need you here to make both of us believe
But you’re overseas

Does your heart rest easy where you are?
And do they treat you like a star?
And do they call you refugee?
From overseas

Overseas Lyrics
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