KILLY Lyrics

"Lift Off"

Last name ever
First name greatest
Number one contender according to speculation
Shut the dead weight off, call amputated
My price is inflating like the size of my stages
Lift off
Too memorized and fascinated
Came a long way the journey it been amazing
Number 43 was waiting down at the station
My old vacation was the falls for a day trip (Ha, ha, ha)
Shake them chains, they expectin’ me to move different (Huh)
Same building yeah, but the view different (Huh)
I got new woman, new ice, new clothes (Ye)
Huh, and I think I’ve found a loop hole
People printin’ on my tail, hot pursuit though
Lotta open hands comin’ by with zero (Yeah)
Feel like De Niro and casino (Yeah)
I know things you could never find on Google
They copy paste this blueprint it’s crucial
Past year I’ve been putting names on tombstones, and building group homes
My city too cold
I’m like Zuko if he mastered every element
A year and some change, same stripes as the veterans
This industry made me opposite of generous
Young degenerates, G’s the gentleman
This a secret all we ask is your trust (Trust)
Break your bread, lucky if I’ll leave a crumb (A crumb)
Under pressure guaranteed you’d succumb
All the pressure round me make me come for the game up for fun, then finesse it out the funds
Fuck I look like (Like, like, like)

I can’t keep mind of time
Dripping like it gon’ be bliss

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Album "Light Path 8" (2019)

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