Knocked Loose - A Serpent's Touch Lyrics

feat. Emma Boster

If I was different maybe I’d forgive you
But I’m not so my feelings stay the same
I hope you noticed that I tried to keep up
Every time that you decided to change

I bleed out
All you ever did was tear me down
I bleed out
I hope you notice that I’m not around

(I bleed out)

The time I spent
Cannot be repaid
I was by your side
(Empty mind remains)
Extinguish all connection
Cut the fucking chord
I am by your side
No more

Now be still
I’m the judge
Poisoned by
A serpent’s touch

This burden weighs heavy on shoulders littered with dejection

I watched the venom
Overcome your spirit
Jealousy holds you now
Distorting your appearance

Bleed out!

I watched the venom overcome
Poisoned by a serpent’s touch

A Serpent's Touch Lyrics
Album "A Different Shade Of Blue" ()

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