Little Brother - Inside the Producer’s Studio Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Quest Love
What can I say? I have run out of superlatives to describe our next guest
I mean, I’ve interviewed gods, I’ve interviewed Quincy Jones, Brian Wilson, I had the pleasure of interviewing Prince, but for me, one of my bucket list producers to ever talk to on Inside the Producer’s Studio is with us right now
Please welcome, the incomparable, Roy Lee

[Roy Lee]
Ah, that’s what up, Question Love, what’s goin’ on brother?
Hi, I’m back baby, and y’all thought it was over but I’m back baby
9th Wonder-a, tried to tell ya, you thought it was about the boom in the bap
It’s really about the boom in the bap and the trap, baby
Sampling records is over, I tried to tell ya baby, I’m back baby

That’s what we do, samplin’ is through
Got money than you, I’m back baby

I’m following um, RoyLee1 at uh, Instagram, is that you? Or is that?

[Roy Lee]
Nah, it was seven other niggas that got to it before me, I’m RoyLee8

Coming this fall on UB-

Inside the Producer’s Studio Lyrics
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