Lola Marsh - In Your Eyes Lyrics

That summer day you told me I was grounded
I left the house and ran back through the yard
I kept the stones you gave me in my pocket
They remind me, remind me of Africa

We sat all night with my guitar
And whispered chords to the moonlight
You showed me different stars across the sky
And I was scared of the neighbor’s dog
When all the stars were shinin’

In your eyes
In your eyes

For many years, I’ve tried to make it better
But the air was cold, and you didn’t know how to swim
A thousand drops of water try to take us
And they still haunt me, they haunt me in my dreams

You saved our lives when I was four
And whispered words in the sunlight
You showed us different scars across your hand
It was early in the morning
When you kept the tears from falling

From your eyes
From your eyes
I can see it in your eyes
In your eyes

You and I are ’bout to enter our last and only trial
Feel the bittersweet creation, I’m grounded to the sky
And I keep you close like a summer rose, my childhood in your eyes
So climb with me back to the roof and show me different stars

All the songs you have forgotten are about to come alive
When the old becomes the new, I save them deep within my heart
All the endless themes like fallen trees are saying their goodbyes
And I need you by my side
Still I need you by my side

You remember when you told us ’bout the day you lost your hand
The reason you stopped playing, you passed the dream onto your child
And now I’m playing for you, I can see again the past

In your eyes
In your eyes

In your eyes

In Your Eyes Lyrics
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