Lonely The Brave - Your Heavy Heart Lyrics

I’m so sick of it all, in the dying light of purpose
When a silhouette calls, guess I’m nervous

Oh, my heavy heart
It won’t chase again, chase again
When my lungs depart
I won’t fade away, fade away

I’m numb to it all
I call it quits, you don’t deserve this
In the comfort of awe
I’m losing sight of the surface
Oh, now I’m worthless

Oh, your heavy heart
We won’t chase again, chase again
When your lungs depart
And you fade away, fade away

You’re so sick of it all
Oh, your eyes draw heavy
And you know it’s the call
So you sigh and tell me

Oh, run
And I’m gone
Oh, I won’t chase again, chase again

What’s it take for a reaction?
As our lungs depart
Oh, our heavy hearts

Your Heavy Heart Lyrics
Album "The Hope List" ()

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