Lupe Fiasco - HOMME MADE Lyrics

feat. Kaelin Ellis, Virgil Abloh

Have you ever asked yourself where the world is inside the solar system?
Like, where are we?
Like, where does the planet sit amongst all the stars?
Who knows, it’s a super brain freeze
But an easier question than that is to ask yourself
Where we sit in the sea of art history
Like, that’s tangible, that’s man-made
Man-made art, so the history of it, we fit in
Another like, sort of framework to dwell on is, like, where do we live?
You know, you live in a house
I guarantee the house that you grew up in is what you define as a house
But, for someone that grew up on the opposite side of the world
What they grew up in, they think of as a house
A kitchen, a living room, a roof, a door, etcetera
Just shit to think about, you know
Whole bullet point is, the world inside it is man-made
It’s all metaphoric, man has flaws
Man loves power, everything is man-made
And, what’s more dangerous than that?
But, as I digress

Album "HOUSE" ()

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