Megan Thee Stallion - No Heart Lyrics

I don’t stick to niggas
I get lift from niggas
Make him down then I dash I don’t tip for niggas
He gotta come off top like I’m holding clippers
Lemme bust it on your mouth I can grow you whiskers
If he got a big dick, facetime me that
If I like what I see Imma handle that
Drop a pin, a hoe know where to find me at
Pull up actin’ wild with some hoodrats
Shit’s about to get real
I’m from H-town thrill
Yous an ugly bitch ew
And I’m hot without a deal
Bitch I’m screaming who want it
Please show me my opponent
Hoes sick cuz I’m on it
Flow killer, hoes chokin’
Oh that ass fat turn around she a bad bitch
Lay a nigga down then I give it to him nasty
Lookin’ for a savage
A big dick made it rain
Write my name on that Woody like my first name Andy
Okay, get that face on the first date
Nose in my pussy like yay
Makin’ it spray like a AK
Fuckin’ on beat like he Drake
Smellin’ like Dolce Gabbana
All of my panties designer
Dressed up I look like Maddona
Fuckin’ with me is an honour
Stallion made it drip drop on ya man tongue
Get a lotta brain then I leave let the bell rung
Eyes so low like I’m Stu call me ching chong
Pussy so good make a thug nigga sing songs
Everything I drop is a bad bitch theme song
Fuck his brains out then I tell him put a beat on
Pretty ass bitch niggas wanna put a ring on
Took a bitch spot like a mothafuckin’ seat gone
Yeah, look back while I throw it
Hit the pussy like doddy
Smack my ass then choke it
Lift it up then hold it
Go crazy when I’m on it
He love it I’m knowin’
Tryna hide that moanin
Whose is it I sold it
South side make you bounce with that real shit you won’t
Hello Megan make you feel how them other bitches won’t
He was lookin’ for some wet and he found that Supersoak
Pussy keep a nigga warm like a motherfuckin’ coat
Yeah, ride on that dick like a frog
Make it drop down on your balls
You need to give me a call
I’m tryna lock up your jaw
Boy I look good then a bitch
And I stay schoolin’ your chick
How is you fuckin and lit
Your baby daddy a trick
Yeah ay, and he buy all of this shit
The shoes, the bag, the nails, the hair
He makin’ it rain on my bitch off the strip
My nigga I saw with a thing on his hip
Cuz niggas was plotting on catching me slip
Don’t try to put me up next to your bitch
I’m the new hype and I’m killing this shit

No Heart Lyrics

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