Megan Thee Stallion - Tina Montana Lyrics

Yeah, ah
Young Tina Snow goin’ hard on hoe, ah

Ain’t none of these hoes got shit on me
None of these hoes flow sick like me (No)
Heard how I rap, wanna spit like me
Now all of these hoes wanna pimp like me (Ah)
None of these hoes, none of these hoes, none of these hoes, not not not nan one of these hoes
Even come close cause they gross like I brought it from my chest
From the back of my throat, huh
Sayin’ that you bout’ it when you ain’t, huh
Put you in a field you a faint, ah
Grab your pie ass bitch, Easy-Bake, ah
I bet you raw doggin’ with a lame, huh
Fuck what you heard what you know (Bitch)
I’ve never been scared of a hoe
I’m lookin’ for you bitch lay low
Oh, hoes wanna go toe to toe?
Bitch p-pretty please
I want you to come say something to me
I’ve really been itchin’ to go the fuck off
I put this Giuseppe heel in yo mouth
Bitch, bitch, it’s Tina Montana
Snatch off your wig like you Hannah Montana
Bitch I will put you to sleep no pajamas
I will flip out in this bitch like a sandal
Hey, yuh, walk like this, talk like this, look like this, you could never (A-ah)
Bad red bone from the south ridin’ round hitting licks with a yellow
Bitch so bad when I walk past niggas sing my name acapella
H-town hottie turnin’ niggas into zombies make em dance like Thriller

Yeah, look, bitch, I know a sexy motherfucker like myself might offend some
Bitch, I’m the shit and then some
This ain’t no motherfuckin’ rest cause I been won
And if you don’t like it, tune the fuck out
And you must like it cause you tuned the fuck in

I got your boyfriend forehead on my tummy
Turn your bitch into a thot like she Duckie
If I let him eat it he lucky
Don’t want yo nigga, but he wanna fuck me
Imma wake up and get me some money, he gon’ wake up and give me sucky sucky
These bitches scary, they Chicken Kentucky
Bitch, I’m from Texas you know we be buckin’
Words like a blade every beat I be cuttin’
Drawin’ an M on these lips he McLovin’
Bitch, I’m a ten like I landed and stuck it
If you don’t like me, lil bitch, you could suck it
All of my haters is crabs in a bucket
Nose in the air cause they fuckin disgust me
None of these bitches is fuckin’ with Megan
Bitch, I’m the hottest the fuck is you sayin
I had to hop out the Porsche and go get it
I went to pick up the torch and then lit it
They try to tell me I can’t, but I did it
When I pull up bitches look like they shitted
I had to start from the motherfuckin’ bottom
My momma told me to get em I got em
My granny told me you goin’ to school
Getting that degree and making it cool
I have not worked nine to five in a while
I just be hustlin’, watching it pile
They pullin’ bitches from link in a bio
You wanna reach out to me, it’s a process
I got a middle man, he gotta connect
Bottom line is I’m not easy to contact
Bitch I’m exclusive like where did you find that
Pick me a beat and you know Imma kill that, ah

Tina Montana Lyrics
Album "Tina Snow" (2018)

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