Nik Kershaw - They Were There Lyrics

Under a Simpsons’ sky
He swims away from naked eye
A tiny dot upon the ocean
Dunkirk, El Alamein
He never spoke of it again
He never showed when he was broken

He was there
All spick and span
You wouldn’t find
A better man
Her very own
Sir Lancelot
He was there
Then he was not

She waits upon the beach
As far away as she can reach
She pulls us in the right direction
She sings her songs of prayer
And swaddles us in Tupperware
All sealed in for our protection

She was there
All smiles and pearls
The best for him
In all the world
And though it took
All she had got
She was there
Then she was not

Seems like an age ago
Feels like an age ago

They were there
To hold us up
To pour us from
Their loving cup
Through thick and thin
No matter what
They were there
They were there
They were there
Then they were not

They Were There Lyrics
Album "Oxymoron" ()

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