Ninja Sex Party - It's Bedtime Lyrics

Little child close your eyes
You’re like an angel in the moonlight
While you’re dreaming a new day waits for you
Let this lullaby carry you through

It’s bedtime (It’s bedtime)
Let my army of demons rock you to sleep
It’s bedtime (It’s fucking bedtime)
Have sweet dreams while I rev my Jeep

I see you’re still awake for some reason
Was it the guitar solo?
Was it the demons?
Yeah, people have told us that before

Little child just relax now
Let Brian play some gentle sax now
I’ll use this jackhammer right outside your door
The vibrations will help you sleep for sure

It’s bedtime (It’s bedtime)
Let the laughter of Satan close your sleepy eyes
It’s bedtime (It’s fuckin’ bedtime)
Fighter jets tearing across the sky
It’s bedtime (It’s bedtime)
There’s a boatload of pirates and they’re fighting police
It’s bedtime (It’s fuckin’ bedtime)
Here’s a carnivorous beaver and he’s hungry for meat

Do you ever think about how ghosts can’t be stopped by anything?
Would you like to see a slideshow about where meat comes from?
Apparently lots of venomous snakes can open doors
Who knew?
Check out my airhorn

It’s bedtime (It’s bedtime)
Let the hellspawn of Zagoth mellow all of your dreams
It’s bedtime (It’s fuckin’ bedtime)
Here’s one last bloodcurdling scream

Avast, ye mateys!
Put your hook hands up!
Good night

It's Bedtime Lyrics
Album "The Prophecy" ()

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