Pallbearer - Caledonia Lyrics

I wasn’t prepared to face the final hues
To watch the color fade and let go of my youth
Walls were built to hide it all from view
Still standing now, still as resolute

I could hardly muster a goodbye
Pleading for numbness to arrive
Though it meant I’d never fully heal
I lost the will to let myself feel

I wasn’t aware
That fate would plunge the knife
I’d watched the color fade out from joys of life

Walls of guilt can hide it all from view
I try to tear them down
Still they are renewed

I can hardly muster a goodbye
And I’m pleading for numbness to survive
Every day when clarity reveals
I’ve lost the will to let myself heal

From the depths of your being
One last moment awake
From the depths of my being
I’ve never ceased to escape
From Caledonia (From Caledonia)

Caledonia (Caledonia)

Caledonia Lyrics
Album "Forgotten Days" ()

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