Protomartyr - I Am You Now Lyrics

Save your tears for end of show
Save labor for free exposure
Though I have no face, country, voice, or creed
I am better than you are
You who suffer beyond margin of quadrant:
Join the conversation
I am you now

New face — your woe — easy money in absentia
Hogs feed on the ungathered dead
Off-camera we stand with you weeping
Keep your hands out of my pockets
I’m talking
I am you now

Engagement gives you hopes to be seen
It fell out, stick it back in again
60 bucks, 60 bucks, one dollar, two quarters
Shut your mouth, you’re starting to lose focus

What does it mean? (Many numbered, many numbered)
What does it mean? (Weighed and found wanting)
What does it mean? (Face the brand and see)

Wait for the wind, then my birds sing
Deep grottoes whisper my name

I am you now
I am you now
I am you now

I Am You Now Lyrics
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