Rittz - Picture This (Intro) Lyrics

Okay you ready?
Smile real big for me
Perfect, perfect
Alright, give me [?]
Ahh, that’s great, yah
Look at me with those eyes, yeah
That’s money

Picture this like [?] with a selfie stick
This is not the yellow brick road
That’s a pistol on my hip, not a cell-phone clip
Seldom just get stuck in they feelings
My dick’s a Velcro strip
Ohh, I got blue diamonds, aqua velvet drip
You smell it on us, don’t ya?
Suppose that I should go dispose the body
Change my clothes like Samuel and John Travolta in the diamond scene
New Pulp Fiction is unscripted
You just reading what the teleprompter told ya, come behind the scene
Behind the smoking mirrors, broke the spear, is near the brink of death
Hoping hope is near, I’m broke this [?] as cigarettes
Fly as Spirit Airlines, I wish this peace of shit would wreck
The bitch that checked my ticket looks offended by my liquor breath
Stanky, what you expected? I been snorting meth, drinking chess, [?] shrinking
Can’t see the distinction between alive and dead, whatever I’m on
Got me wishing that I never was born
Some days are better than others, but one could never be sure
Are you prepared for the storm?
Have lots of optimism after it’s gone?
Sometimes I look at life [?]
Like a chick that’s having sex with a boy
But in her head she enjoys to think of lesbian porn
It makes her wetter and better in bed
Instead of disturbing I better let her get moist and get a nut
Yeah I said to get moist because you hate the word
[?] I know you see us
We ain’t had to spot like polka dots
A ball of coke I knot it up inside my Polo socks
Watch how I step ’cause too much sweat’ll make the dope dissolve
You nosy try’na stick your nose in where it don’t belong
Like hoes that try to photo-bomb
They post it on their page so they can maybe get a like
I look at them like maybe get a life
Rappers lately hit the stage in lady’s navy denim tights, like the shit is stylish
I’m grown and children I can empathize with
Can emphasize the shit enough, it’s been tough to adjust
Inside I’m still a killer that’ll spill the filling out your empanada in a millisecond
Ah, chasing money, she’ll be good at bill collecting for milly
Billy go check the net worth, investing like Edward Jones at Fidelity
Banks are [?] make a decent living, I don’t need to use my elbow grease-
To do it, nah, the bank don’t need to pre-approve it
C-N-T the movement, see my jewelry, looking like a sleeker fluid
Dripping like a faucet leak
Bitches like some pit bulls that got off the leash
[?] while they pulling down my boxer briefs
Wanting me to come like there’s a party and a mob tonight
Switching gears like learning how to ride a mountain bike
And now that I’m a CEO, music’s like IKEA flow
Move it on the street alone, don’t need to see Benecio
Sippin’, demons scold us, snorting coke on Pensacola Beach
Getting naked pics from chicks I know from overseas
Breeze defeat, [?] been at sea
Out of free [?]
[?] of the industry, I rep Atlanta
Wouldn’t that be specific, you often see a ticket
Junkies on meth, tweaking, catch a walking speeding ticket
Crushing the [?] from the Marriott Suite and they paranoid, sleep depriven
Eating percs like surge, slanging work like Merk
Smoke an herb inside of a rental Traverse from Hertz
It’s Picture Perfect

Picture This (Intro) Lyrics
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