Rodionis - Zemfira

All these ladies need a love
Baby calling on my phone
Got lil mama from my block
Ass and tities are so hot

I just need another day
Meditate and meditate
My lil baby like a pro
She adore doing porn

I was standing in a rain
My lil baby watching porn and play
Looking for a chain
Bitches know my name
Poison in my vain
Dripping hard today
Money on my way
Cocaine in the line
Ladies in the sight
I just wanna die

Baby don’t stand too close
You got a lot of coke in a nose
I’ll race another hoes for a dose
I love you like the last red rose

Mary Jane please treat my pain
Bullet in my brain
Got a lot to say
All alone
Who gon’ be my friend?
Left me in the dark
Waiting for the end

Bae you got a lot of demons in your mind
I don’t need another hoe for a night
She could earn a lot of money for the life but who’ll love this shawty when this shawty gon’ die?

     R     Rodionis Lyrics
Album "Mr.Lonely" (2019)

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