The Dangerous Summer Lyrics


Hi, I am currently driving home from The Rocks where I was with, uh, Dave and Ashley and Noah, and you know — a bunch of people that love you and I felt compelled to send you a little voice message and see how you’re doing.

I know having Luna back has probably been the best thing that has happened to you in a while, and I’m very happy that you have that.

Whatever. So yeah, I’m just checking on you to see how you’re doing and how your headspace is and letting you know that if you ever need to talk to me, you know I’m here. Whatever you need — a sounding board, somebody to vent to, somebody to yell at, somebody to tell you that everything is gonna be okay. Somebody to tell you that you still have a room here in L.A. if you want it for super cheap.

Um, so yeah. Just wanted to say hi, and, we miss you, so. Okay. Love you, dude.

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Album "Mother Nature" (2019)

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