Tribulation - Dirge of a Dying Soul Lyrics

As I chased a ghost from a feverish dream
I got lost as I fled from the sun
Through an endless night I walked alone
The last hope I had clung to was gone
And the wind, and the trees, and the birds in the sky
Had all become silent as death
From the ground rose a foreboding smell
And a fog appeared to ascend

Then I froze in my tracks and looked up
When I realized that this is the place where I die
Into the river I stepped and bade
This age one last goodbye

May I drift away on Acheron’s swirls
May my body be one with the earth again
As I traveled from world to world
The black water so cold to my skin
As I sigh and exhale my last breath
My lungs are ash, my mind is void
Now I am waiting for death

To the unknown waters ahead

Now as I sink I look up to the surface
And oh, what a sight to behold!
Blessed be the unfortunate ones
That hear this dirge of a dying soul

Dirge of a Dying Soul Lyrics
Album "Where the Gloom Becomes Sound" ()

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