Trippie Redd - LEADERS Lyrics

Back in school, we were the leaders
Stop actin’ cool, we’re not believers at all
I’m tellin’ you, dawg
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Sometimes, I feel like I just can’t get enough
Sometimes, I’m holding on but just can’t get up
Sometimes, I think about keeping my head up (Yeah)
Sometimes (Sometimes), I look down (Down)
I look up, I look down, I look up
I look when I feel (Feel), I look when I feel you
I look when I feel, I look when I feel you
Damn, damn
Damn, damn, damn, damn (Damn), damn (Damn), damn
(Damn, yeah, oh)
Sometimes, I wear my heart on my sleeve
Sometimes, I wanna break down in tears on my knees
Sometimes, I just can’t breathe

On god

Album "NEON SHARK vs Pegasus" (2021)

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