Two Door Cinema Club Lyrics


I flew too low
I got the blue smoke
Breathe in
Break out
Elevate the cloud
The rain is coming
I did my time
I did it happily

But that’s enough
Enough is enough
Count one to ten
Start again

Think what you’re doing to me
‘Cause I don’t wanna think
When I’m taking the heat
You’re giving me a lesson
I don’t want you to teach
Oh, don’t you ever think?
Don’t you ever think?

It’s no secret
So don’t keep it
Let it out
I send my very best
To anybody
The word around the watercooler
Walkin’ the line
What’s real or rumour
So here’s to them
A life of fantasy
Hold yourself to it

     T     Two Door Cinema Club Lyrics

Album "False Alarm" (2019)

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