Ty Dolla $ign - Dr. Sebi Lyrics

Oh, oh (Friendly), oh, oh (Friendly), oh, oh (Friendly)
All jokes aside, I had dreams of it endin’, endin’
I want an eater like Dr. Sebi
I beat the case ’cause I had on some black Giuseppes (Yeah)
I’ll hold you down like a tight string, bedsheet
And won’t let you go until you tell me that you staying
How you gon’ leave before you motherfuckin’ find out? (Yeah)
Hope you brought tissues ’cause I’m ’bout to cry my eyes out
Paid your tuition, then I bought out all your Girl Scouts (Yeah)
Heard you was single, baby, tell me what they talking ’bout (What you talkin’ ’bout?)
What they talkin’ ’bout, huh? (Let’s go)
I can’t simply bring the sun out (No, I can’t)
Even in New York, I got my motherfucking gun out (Pop)
Heard that nigga ’round me got a crush on you, I bet not find out (Bet not find out)
I don’t know nothin’ about it (Don’t know nothin’ about it)
I don’t know nothin’ about it (Don’t know nothin’ about it)
I go menace ’bout it (Yeah)
I ain’t heard nothing ’bout it (Yeah)
I’m too rich to pout on (Yeah)
Way too lit for clout on me (Yeah)
Stack it like a Jew (Stack it)
Make sure every ‘fit you rockin’ came with foreign shoes (Skrrt)
Make sure every car you’re driving came without a roof (Skrrt, skrrt)
Make sure every bitch you fucking show you the whole crew
Just because you’re tycoon

Dr. Sebi Lyrics
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