Wage War - Spineless Lyrics

I bet you think that you’re on top of the world,
But it’s gained you nothing and that’s what you deserve
Walk around with no regard for anyone else
You’ll get what’s coming to you, this much I promise to tell

I just don’t understand the sickness you are
Disrespectful punk, only set out to harm
This time you struck too close to home
When you hurt what’s mine, you cast your last stone
You cast your last stone

You were never worthy to stand
You don’t know what it takes
You don’t know what makes a man
It’s about time that you learn some respect
So listen close, here’s a lesson that you’ll never forget

First blood

You drew first
Here’s a lesson that you’ll never forget
Next time you speak that name, I’ll make sure you regret it

Spineless Lyrics
Album "Blueprints" (2015)

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