Westside Gunn - Praise God Intro Lyrics

feat. AA Rashid

With all due respect. I would like to begin by saying to you that everything is not for everybody. And with that said, I would like for you to understand that you are in a Renaissance. And you are very fortunate to be around these Renaissance figures. And the reason why you are very fortunate is because the universe places you exactly where you intelligence belongs. The universe and how intelligent of how you are direct descendants of one another. The universe places intelligent things and intelligent people exactly where they belong and are required. We are very fortunate to be participating in this Renaissance period together. With the said, I’d also like to add you must be very, very, very aware that fear destroys that which is temporary. Anything that does not last as long as this beautiful Renaissance period was dominated and ruled and governed by fear. See, art, our art, this art, the art surrounding you, the art that you hear does something else, you see. It may fear [?] Praise God. God is the greatest. Peace to the gods. Legend.

Praise God Intro Lyrics
Album "Flygod Is an Awesome God 2" ()

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