Wiley - Free Spirit Lyrics

We’ve done things in music we didn’t know we could
The crowd’s gone overground but we all came from the hood (Yeah)
I don’t know where I’m going but where I’m going is good
A long way away from when I was shotting the white and buj (Yeah)
BBK are my bros but I’m a one-man band
Everybody gotta eat food, can’t be taking out of one man’s hand
I wish life was like before but see we got to move forward
In this life I guarantee you’ll get the dish that you ordered
My chain still swinging, Eastside brother in the game still winning
My car that’s a mazza, I love this shit make a pound, making a shilling (Ayy)
And I want to help all my brothers in the hood get what they want, God willing
Let’s go make a killing, feed the children, take care of the women
Still flowing but I’m feeling free, lyrics for lyrics, I’m just being me
It don’t work it if you just do it for P, I’m at work homework doing it, G
I’m sorry but I couldn’t let them do it to me
It’s like they got a bucket of paint and threw it at me
Everybody wanna be the one, nobody wanna be the two or the three
My bro, 20 years they just passed I’m like yo, where did they go?
Have a think about where your days go
I spend most days in the studio, I have to
By now that’s all my brain knows
On the radio, and all the stage shows
I gotta work on my brand like Waitrose
I don’t really care about any of the ties I’ve had that’s been severed
They asked if I would change, I told them never
I couldn’t, I wanna merk spitters, so I wouldn’t
A man can’t back in before I see a spitter and attack him
Nobody around here is cracking, solid
All the scenes that I’ve seen are horrid
And these MCs, their styles are just borrowed
I told them it’s a day in the park and so I’m honoured
You can send every MC alive I ain’t bothered
Send any MC alive, they don’t want it
It’s no point chatting about who and who’s off it, or on it
I came for the smoke to be honest, I came from the road to be honest
I came with these flows to be honest, Roman Road to be honest
I’m a bloodclart pro to be honest, I’m on it
The work rate’s sick, no vomit
Bigging up Megaman, So Solid
I left school, dad said go college
But I love the streets and so three months in man left because I didn’t want knowledge
I never liked Marmite on toast, and no no I never liked porridge
Honestly, I feel tired but my body keeps going like it’s been rewired
For past tweets man have been fired, just when they got the job that they desired
Now for the job that man wanted to do, can’t get hired
Some man are driving around on the road with four bald tyres
Top boys, liars, unuh gyaldem, friers
Me and my dons jump off of the plane like frequent fliers
I’ll Friday-the-13th MCs, like I was Michael Myers
You weren’t there when man was cutting up wires with pliers
Oh lord, look at the path you sent me on
It’s been mad, you get me don?
I ain’t perfect, don’t get me wrong
But I wish everybody the best, I know you won’t forget me don
It’s Wiley I’m getting ’em
Got the ideas here jet setting ’em
Here we go again, playing live through your stereo again

Free Spirit Lyrics
Album "The Godfather 3" ()

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