Wiley - Press Record Lyrics


I don’t do this so you sit there and respect me
I just talk and make my point and hope you get me
Last year I coulda killed the game, the system wouldn’t let me
A&R’s and bosses wishing fans would just forget me
Radios controlled, but they been good to me, I can’t hate ’em
Got that Nicki feature, whole country starts hatin’
Thought I couldn’t see you all? Yous are half paigon
I’m just wishing you don’t end up like that last paigon
All you cheaters, I see you nonbelievers
I know I make you sick when you’re hearing me through your speakers
This is real shit, this ain’t no fake shit
It’s me and couple others here in England going ape shit
This that clear your head, I’m sitting by the lake shit
This that in the ‘ead, no one is your mate shit
Always found my own peace anyway on the late shift
Always looking work since I was on that double pay shift
I don’t mind if bruddas come here and I’ll say it first
If they come here, no one has to leave the Earth
Sometimes we don’t know how to act around a star
Look at my face bro, that’s why I got this scar
They didn’t, treat me like I was normal, they pushed the boat
That’s why my life is edgy, everyday I’m looking smoke
I swear to God, if I was able to trust, it might be different
Still I can’t, with all this maturity and wisdom
Your witnessing a proper masterclass when I’m flowing
Couple bops, they think I’m finished, tell ’em I’m growing
I can’t retire tomorrow, that would be mind blowing
If I wasn’t popping, I could see it like a sign showing
My brudda used to drive around with the nines showing
Pulling up to any spot, with the ice glowing
Ice glowing, draw a pengting, thick thighs showing
Like baby, I ain’t got a clue, where my life’s going

Press Record Lyrics
Album "The Godfather 3" ()

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