Woodkid - Minus Sixty One Lyrics

Minus sixty one
Have I every really loved someone?
Do I deserve what I’ve got?
Now the great system stand into the chops
And the fear is switching sides
I own a million dollars worth of stock
But I still don’t sleep at night
What is it that I’ve become?

Minus sixty one
Now the water level rises high
In my cold paradise where men sit in circles
And talk numbers, I never really liked
The way they think of life as some kind
Of gamble and watch the city drown
Where is it that I belong?


Minus sixty one
Now the wind cuts the lips like a knife
And the sun is out of sight
I see the world they build to lose that trail
Of what is left and what is right
I made the worst mistake one can make
Pretending I’ve been playing blind
What is it I’m trying to find?

Minus Sixty One Lyrics
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