Zeal & Ardor - Tuskegee Lyrics

Bad blood
We’re ripped from the tree
Bad blood in me
A simple word

Bad blood bestowed on me
By a tyranny
Left to rot and die
Hear my bloody cry

Now don’t be long, you don’t belong here anymore
Pack all your things and pray you’re gone before the war
So don’t be long, you don’t belong here anymore

Cry, dear boy, these helping hands aren’t at your aid
Fly, people, I’m telling you it’s been to late
Pure evil, the doctor hides a vicious smile
Upheaval, one day we shall retaliate

Run, father, they’re killing you to help themselves
Fly, mother, before long they’ll want you as well

They think they had their way and will again
But in another way we will avenge

Tuskegee Lyrics
Album "Wake of a Nation" ()

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